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  • This is an extension of our pocket squares, same prints but in almost 4 times the size. It is an unisex product designed for you who might not wear shirt or jacket but still like our products. The maps are from the early 20th century, which gives us the lean colorization and beautiful cartography. The handkercheif have a smooth silk feel, even though it is made out of polyester. The material let us print in high resolution and brings the ability of using laser technlogy. If you look closely, there are no seams on the edges. And the best part, it is all made in Sweden. 72 x 72cm.

  • Part Material Origin
    Fabric 100% Polyester China (via Swedish dealer)
    Print Dispersion OEKO-TEX Standard 100
    Tag 100% Polyester Hong Kong (via Swedish dealer)
    Package Paper Sweden


    *The parts that are made in China are bulk products that is very hard to find in Europe.